Meet the pillars of
our organization

Nimit Aggarwal - Founder & Director

An amiable leader with a vision, Nimit is the Director & Founder of Ecotech. Having completed his post graduation in Family Business Management from the prestigious Indian School of Business, he has gone on to become an accomplished executive in a short span of time. His concoction of nobility, ingenuity, and integrity qualities have proven to be instrumental for BLS Ecotech’s domestic success and global expansion. With an eye to the future, Mr. Nimit is consistently on the lookout for opportunities to upscale business operations and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Madhukar Aggarwal - Managing Director

A senior-figure whom everyone admires and looks up to, Mr. Madhukar Aggarwal is the Managing Director of BLS Ecotech. A creative leader and an efficient multi-tasker, he is often regarded as the ‘fulcrum of the organization’. After completing his graduation in Chemistry Honours from the prestigious Delhi University, Mr. Madhukar went on to work in the recycling industry. With an experience spanning more than 40 years now, he has anchored several initiatives to support BLS Ecotech’s development and expansion. An optimist by nature, his endless motivation continues to fuel BLS Ecotech’s ambitions.