We Recycle

Turning PET bottles into recycled polyester fiber is in our DNA

We Innovate

Facilitating sustainable development by forging ingenious solutions

We Care

Embracing a circular economy business model for a cleaner future

Turning Plastic Waste into Sustainable Solutions

We’re a recycling organization striving to actively contribute to the establishment of a circular economy by producing premium quality recycled polyester fiber using PET plastic. BLS Ecotech’s wide array of services is establishing a spectrum of recycling opportunities for the stakeholders of the waste management chain.

Our products

Our state-of-art facilities specialize in turning bygone PET plastics into highly durable & flexible polyester staple fiber. Along with environmental benefits such as the reduction in carbon footprint and reduction in usage of fossil fuels, this waste-diverting fiber’s versatile applications make it a sustainable substitute for diverse industries.

Weaving Plastic Into Fiber

PET bottles are acquired for conversion from a network of verified collection centers.

The bottles are then sorted, compacted and baled for transportation to the plant.

Bottles are then converted into ‘flakes’ which are then thoroughly washed & sanitized.

After sanitization, the flakes are feeded to machines to initiate their conversion

The machines refine the flakes and trunks them into recycled polyester fiber.

The recycled polyester fiber is now ready to be used across diverse industries.

Our Values


We are in constant pursuit of discovering ingenious solutions for a better future.


We are fervent believers of circular economy & undertake intuitive operations to support it.


We feel our environment is everyone’s responsibility & take sustainable actions every day.


We strive to become harbingers of the textile revolution & offer optimum value to our clients.

We’re traversing geographical boundaries for a better future

BLS Ecotech is going global by expanding the reach of its technologically advanced & environmentally conscious recycling services.

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